Safety Tips

Your safety and convenience on the TEXpress Lanes are our top priorities. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with this new type of roadway system before you drive it. 

Know Your Entrances and Exits

Determine which entrances and exits you will need to use prior to your trip. For a faster commute around North Texas, learn how you can access the TEXpress Lanes on the five major corridors which are currently open. The Maps section also features detailed maps for each corridor.

TEXpress Lanes Speed Limit

Enjoy faster, more predictable travel on TEXpress Lanes. Even during peak travel times throughout the day, our congestion-management pricing—effective after the first 6 months following an opening—aims to keep traffic moving at least 50 mph.

Enforcement and Protection

Local law enforcement personnel patrol the TEXpress Lanes and enforce all traffic laws and HOV 2+ rules.

Roadside Assistance

TEXpress Lanes offer free roadside assistance to help you with any minor emergencies, like changing a tire or jumping a dead battery. If you are stranded, just remain in your vehicle until our roadside crew arrives. 

Pulling Over

TEXpress Lanes feature wide shoulders, which provide extra capacity to accommodate any incidents that occur inside the lanes. If you must stop for any reason while you're in the TEXpress Lanes, pull safely onto the shoulders.

Separated Lanes

Concrete barriers completely separate the TEXpress Lanes from the adjacent free general highway lanes, making driving on the lanes both safe and reliable.

Entering and Exiting the TEXpress Lanes

Current toll pricing is posted on highway signs well in advance of every TEXpress Lanes entrance. Dedicated ramps will guide you into the lanes and back onto the general highway lanes and frontage roads without having to cut through traffic to access them.

  • Know Your Entries and Exits
  • Speed Limit
  • Enforcement and Protection
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Pulling Over
  • Separated Lanes
  • Entrance and Exit Ramps